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'The Cher Show' thrills in Detroit

Ella Perez (Babe,) Catherine Ariale (Lady,) Tyler Pirrung (Bob Mackie,) and Morgan Scott (Star) Photo by Meredith Mashburn Photography

The Tony award-winning musical The Cher Show is in Detroit at The Fisher Theatre through Sunday, March 24.

Part concert and part biographical musical, The Cher Show tells the tale of the multi-talented singer and actress Cher and how she became the icon she is today.

35 smash hits, six decades of stardom, two rockstar husbands, a Grammy, an Oscar, an Emmy and a wide array of Tony Award-winning Bon Mackie gowns later, she remains an unstoppable force.

The musical unfolds using three versions of Cher, each playing a different era of her life.

Babe, played by the endearing Ella Perez, is the nervous teenager who wants to act and later sing, but isn't quite ready for the spotlight it brings. After falling for Sonny Bono, she eventually overcomes her nerves and embarks on a partnership that changes her life in both positive and negative ways.

Lady, played by the charismatic Catherine Ariale, is the stronger, street smart, sarcastic woman who learns to navigate stardom and learns to stand on her own, finally breaking free of Bono's grip on her.

Finally, there is Star, played by the fantastic Morgan Scott. She is the fully formed version of the icon who has weathered the storm and rose above the pitfalls along the way.

The Cher Show utilizes Cher's decades of hits to tell her story including the highlight moments when all three actresses perform together including "If I Could Turn Back Time," "Song For the Lonely," "Half Breed" and "You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me."

The show also shines with the casting of Bono (Lorenzo Pugliese,) Greg Allman (Mike Bindeman,) and Cher's mother Georgia Holt (Lucy Warner.) The cast works as a true ensemble.

Finally, a vivid array of flashy sets and over-the-top costumes dazzle and add to the story.

The Cher Show tickets can be purchased online at or by visiting the Fisher Theatre Box Office.

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