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  • Tracy Heck

Phasers Engage's 'Departure Initiated' thrives outside of the box

Updated: May 14

Electronic rock band Phasers Engage's debut album Departure Initiated is not just another set of instrumental music, rather it is a glorious blend of EBM, rock, jazz and blues.

Thinking outside of the box, the band has put together a collection of seven tracks that really shakes things up and captivates the listener.

Departure Initiated is the sci-fi soundtrack to the tale behind Phasers Engage: the crew of the inner dimensional subspace vessel The Transcendence.

The music allows the crew to travel to new states of existence where they find themselves in a new dimension where thought and reality are no longer separated.

The album can appeal to fans of straightforward electronic music like Daft Punk, but also progressive rock like Dream Theater and traditional rock and instrumental rock like Joe Satriani.

The swirling paths of heavy synths with the pounding drum baseline that continuously transitions into ear popping massive guitar solos that enthralled and is a constant surprise for the listener.

Their unique music is showcased on current single "Awoken Intelligence," which is comprised of all of the amazing and distinctive musical elements and a great way to introduce Phasers Engage to the world.

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