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  • Tracy Heck

Beldon Haigh and the MOAB bring political satire to the holidays

Kings of the modern protest song, Beldon Haigh and the Mother Of All Bands are back at it with a new political parody in time for the holiday season, "White House Meltdown."

"Starring" Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un, the band is determined to bring you the worst holiday spirit from around the world.

The video for the track is both bizarre and surreal even by Haigh's unusual standards.

Using the world-famous masks of Landon Meier, the band gives a glimpse of what a tyrannical Christmas looks like.

When asked the reasoning behind making the song and video Haigh shared, "The chance to provoke people to stop and think, then move from provocation into unification. Hopefully unite people through laughter rather than divide them through hate. That’s why I don’t use swearing or advocate hatred. At some point we need to realize we are all in the same boat – these tyrannical leaders only care for themselves and divide populations to keep themselves in power."

Beldon Haigh and the Mother Of All Bands are a rock/funk/pop act whose brand of irreverence and parody of world leaders has already gone viral, enthralling the world with their mix of comedy and politics.

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