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  • Tracy Heck

The Midnight dance the night away at The Vic Theatre

Friday night in Chicago at The Vic Theatre was electric as synthwave powerhouses The Midnight burst onto the stage and rolled through their just under two hour set. The show also featured a performance from Nightly.

The band is out touring behind their third studio album Monsters, which was released back in 2020 and features current single, "Change Your Heart or Die," which was one of the stand-out performances during Friday's set.

The Los Angeles-based band is comprised of core duo, singer/songwriter Tyler Lyle and producer/singer/songwriter/drummer Tim McEwan.

However, the duo has put together a fantastic live outfit to join them out on tour featuring Lelia Broussard on bass and vocals, Royce Whittaker on keyboard and backing vocals and crowd favorite Justin Klunk on saxophone and backing vocals.

Together, the five-piece brought forth a energy-filled set full of the band's biggest hits that showcased their incredible chemistry with one another that translated over into the sold-out crowd as both the band and the crowd danced away the evening.

Although Tyler handled most of the vocals, Broussard did get to shine on her performance of "Jason."

The crowd really got into performances of "Deep Blue," "Days of Thunder," "Lost Boy" " "Dance With Somebody" and "Vampires."

The band closed things out with "Los Angeles" before returning for a encore that included the sizzling "Sunset."

The Midnight will be in Detroit on Friday, March 18th at a sold-out show at The Majestic Theatre.

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