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  • Tracy Heck

The Birthday Massacre coming to Small's

On Friday, Canadian darkwave vets The Birthday Massacre released their ninth studio album Fascination.

The album features new single "Cold Lights," which is a dark track that mixes in the band's trademark mash of 80's pop, electronica and anthemic stadium alternative rock.

Birthday Massacre vocalist Chibi's versatile voice is what keeps listeners coming back for more and the "Cold Lights" track is no different as she creates an air of both softness and strength.

The Fascination album was co-produced with Skinny Puppy founding member Dave Ogilvie and is their most synth-driven effort to date.

The band has headed out in support of the album and will be making a stop in Hamtramck on Saturday, February 26th where they will take the stage at Small's.

The show will also feature a performance from California electronic rock band Julien-K and local dark-alternative and post punk band Schedule IV.

The hard work that The Birthday Massacre has put in during their 20 years is now fully paying off having developed a large, devoted and varied fanbase including former President Barack Obama, who is one of the band's many followers on social media.

They were also recently put in the #1 slot by fashion designer Patric Dicaprio in the Top 10 he did for the new issue of Artforum.

Tickets for the Small's show can be purchased here. Tickets are $22 and the show starts at 7 pm.

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