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Rock Life Interview with City Awake at Upheaval Festival

Updated: Aug 15, 2023


City Awake is an alternative rock band hailing from Kentucky. This was their second year playing at the Upheaval Festival in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The band consists of Justin Tackett- vocals/guitar, Nicholas Tirlea- bass, Shawn Caudill-guitar and Ian Dozer -drums. The band has a high energy live show and you can find their music on Itunes and Spotify. You can also check out the bands YouTube and Facebook pages for upcoming tour dates, news and to see their music videos.

I had a chance to sit down with City Awake at Upheaval Festival and chat with them about their band and what's coming up next for them. Look for a new single called "I've Changed" on 8/18/23.

Photo by Cheryl Frishman

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