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Pistols At Dawn promoting single 'Fly (Radio Edit)' with new tour

Atlanta-based hard rock band Pistols At Dawn have announced they will be hitting the road this fall with Moon Fever on the Ready, Set, F'ing Rock Tour.

They will also be heading out on tour with Fozzy in February in the U.K..

The band is touring behind the recent release of their "Fly (Radio Edit)" single, which is currently #39 on Mediabase and #37 on Billboard.

The single is the band's third release from their 2022 album Ascension.

Rock Life recently spoke with Pistols At Dawn drummer Adam Jaffe, who was thrilled to talk about the new release.

Rock Life: Have you been happy with the response to "Fly (Radio Edit)"?

Adam Jaffe: We're gloriously happy about the response!

We just got off tour with Alter Bridge and Mammoth WVH and then Fozzy and Ugly Kid Joe. We did 40 cities with just a little break. We did the full U.S. and when we came home we had to make a few lineup changes. After we made those changes, our video people gave me a call and basically said there was too much screaming on the original track and can you do a radio edit?

The good news for my new members was that we needed to record a new edit with them. We had to change it up with a more melodic chorus, etc. They were like, okay, we'll have it ready in three days. I laughed and said, nah, whatever, but literally they went down to Miami and got the track back to me and that's the edit that went to radio.

It was just like BOOM, a huge explosion! It was beautiful. Jon Sackdew Sing,our frontman sang it beautifully and the harmonies are great. It's a powerful love song.

The response has been ridiculous both from our supporters and new supporters. We've played several shows since that time and they've loved it and it's been getting a lot of radio play. It's been amazing and we're over the moon. There's honestly no end in sight. We're just blessed.

RL: The single has also given new life to the album, which was released last year.

AJ: That's a valid point. It's interesting the way the music industry works because it's not like you come out with a album and all your great songs go to radio unless you are the top two or three acts in the world. You're not going to have more than one song go to radio at a time. Usually the life for a song at radio if it's good is 4-6 months.

When we put out Ascension a year ago, we always knew that we were going to release "The Truth" first and "Under the Surface" second. "The Truth" was at radio for six months on the Billboard Top 40 and "Under the Surface" was at radio longer , which was when we were on tour and that went Billboard Top 40 and Top 40 at Mediabase. Now, a year later, we finally put out our third single! Most bands don't go to radio with more than 1 or 2 tracks nowadays, but we knew we wanted to go with three and we were one of the only bands in the world to do that.

It took a year to get "Fly (Radio Edit)" out to the public and here's the thing, we're still a newer international touring act and so we stilll have so many supporters to gain. Our newest fans are hearing "Fly" first and then they're going back and checking out the older stuff. It's pretty cool.

I will say that we are halfway through recording a 2024 album. We're really excited about the new music and the tracks on it are going to be our most mainstream to date. If you've liked what we've done so far I think we're going to blow your mind with the new stuff!

RL: What is it about the new lineup that's working so well?

AJ: A few changes had to be made after the last tour because of internal reasons. When you're a band you often go through several lineups. Life happens, tours happen, demons happen and personal reasons happen. We made the changes that needed to happen and then our creative director did an international search and we found these two great guys in Miami that were in a band together: Jon and our bass player Gabriel Cuevas.

Jon's voice just melted us instantly. He's 28 and gorgeous, the total package. He's the nicest guy ever and so talented. He's half Dutch and half Lebanese and just super interesting. Gabriel is also just the nicest guy ever so we all clicked instantly.

They learned the tunes quickly and when we started writing the new album together we just clicked. The difference I would say is Ascension was very old school hard rock and the newer music is more a mix between that and mainstream hard rock. It's more modern. The new guys and my shredder Will James are all in their thirties and they're like Tasmanian Devils. It's like ok, let's work on a new album and they're like alright, here's10 tracks! It's crazy. It's definitely going to be more diverse. I'm open to anything and these guys have so many influences that it's really opening us up to some cool stuff.

RL: And what can people expect from a Pistols At Dawn show?

AJ: When we were out with Alter Bridge they gave us 25 minutes and we had 30 minutes when we were out with Fozzy. This next tour will be our first headlining run and my point is that no matter how much time we get, we are going to put on a rock show. We vowed when we started this band to put on a full rock show every night. We start our show off with a off stage solo for example. We do multiple solos onstage and we're going to give you some covers and the full gamut.

What people have to look forward to now is that we've toured a ton this year already and we're playing well so when it comes to our headlining shows, you're really going to get the full experience.

RL: And certainly you've picked up pointers from bands like Alter Bridge.

AJ: Oh yeah! We have never wanted to be just a opening band, we want to be the third band on the bill.

RL: And what is the biggest goal moving forward?

AJ: World domination! We want to tour the world. We're not interested in just being a U.S. band or a European band, we want to be an international act in every way, shape and form.

There's no end to where we're going to go. Our next big goal is to get "Fly" to #1 if at all possible because that's a game changer. It opens doors.

RL: Anything you want to add?

AJ: We love people and interacting with them and we hope that your readers follow us and stay with us because it's going to be one hell of a ride.

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