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Kovax drops two new tracks

Detroit emcee Kovax dropped two new singles earlier than expected last week: "Chet Steadman" featuring Marv Won and "Old Fashioned Blood" featuring Sankofa.

"Chet Steadman" can be streamed and purchased here. The two emcees trade fiery punch lines within a sports-themed background and Kovax's verse focuses on some of Detroit's biggest sports names and their infamous mistakes.

The track was written and performed by Kovax and Marv Won and recorded, mixed and mastered by Ryan Thomas. The beat was also produced by Marv Won and the single art was done by Chris Adams.

You can check out and download "Old Fashioned Blood" here. The track harkens back to mid-90's boom bap and features a vocal sample from the 1979 horror classic When a Stranger Calls.

The track also features single art from Chris Adams and was recorded, mixed and mastered by Ryan Thomas. It was written and performed by Kovax and Sankofa with a beat provided by Marv Won.

The releases follows November's "Komplex" and April's "Steve 54'." Stay tuned for another single drop in June, which will feature all live instrumentation from Washington State's Bathos Music.

All of the tracks are available at Kovax's Bandcamp page here. You can also follow Kovax on Instagram at @Kovax.Detroit and at Facebook at

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