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  • Tracy Heck

Koffin Kats continue tradition at Token Lounge

On Thanksgiving Eve, Koffin Kats made their return to the Token Lounge stage in Westland to the delight of their hometown fans.

Koffin Kats have their own unique punk/psychobilly sound that can't help but make the gathered crowd want to move and dance along.

The trio of Vic Victor on lead vocals and upright bass, Tommy Koffin on guitar and Eric 'E-Ball' Walls on drums, have been rocking stages since 2003 and have a vast catalog of ferocious tracks to choose from.

Wednesday's set also featured their impressive take on Hall & Oates' "Maneater."

On Wednesday evening, the trio blasted through a jam-packed setlist as the excited crowd opened up a mosh pit and gave back the same ferocious energy that they were receiving from the stage.

The trio's fire, humor and continuous movement always makes for a great show and leaves everyone buzzing long after they've exited the stage.

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