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Jeremy Elliot brings positivity to music scene

Los Angeles songwriter Jeremy Elliot recently debuted his first single "The Deep End" and today he is premiering his new video for the song.

The track is just a slice of what the singer has to offer with his emotional, powerful music that he cultivated through years on the New York rock club scene which then led him to try his hand in L.A..

The second cousin of folk legend Ramblin' Jack Elliot, Jeremy grew up in a musical household and music became his saving grace as he battled depression and addiction. Now he is hoping to share his own healing balm on the world through his own music.

Recently, the singer sat down with Rock Life to talk about his own impressions of his music.

Q: Let's talk about the new single!

Jeremy Elliot: Yeah, for sure, for sure. Last night was actually my first show in New York and we got to play six songs including "The Deep End" and just to show a room full of people showing so much love to us was amazing. Just seeing them responding to those songs and especially the new song and even singing along was special!

I was in D.C. before that opening up for Katy Perry at the David Lynch Foundation thing and getting on stage in front of 3,000 people and playing "The Deep End." So it's been a real fun few weeks. It's been great to just get out there. The song is really important to me and very special.

Q: And how did your debut track come about?

JE: Yeah, like a lot of my songs it happened kind of organically. I just heard the melody and just kind of wrote down the basic song in about twenty minutes. I had a feeling it was a really strong song. I wrote it while I was in Las Vegas having just met a couple of producers who ultimately were two of the co-producers on the track: John G and DJ Franzen.

At that point I went in and recorded it a couple of days later in L.A. and we just all knew that we had something really special right off the bat and we work shopped different production ideas for a couple of months. It wasn't until I was lucky enough to meet through John, my now executive producer Danny Boy Styles, who worked with The Wkend and Beyonce and a bunch of other big acts. He took the single from a really strong song to a really strong record. He and I worked together for a couple of months making sure everything was together like the production and making sure the album artwork was right. It's my first song that I was bringing out into the world so I wanted people when they heard it to be able to step into the world of Jeremy Elliot very easily.

For me, It's kind of funny to think about writing a song in twenty minutes and then recording it two days later, but then nine months later it comes out! The beauty of it is that over those nine months so many people put so much love and effort and heart and passion into the production and development of the record. I hope that when people hear it above everything else they just hear the love we put into it.

Q: What do you want people to know about your music?

JE: I mean "The Deep End" is just a small taste of my sound. My name is Jeremy Elliot and I make music to heal. It's not just a slogan that you can put on the back of a car: I wouldn't be alive without music. It has save my life a number of times in different ways so for me making music is more than just ego validation or having people dance to my songs. I make music to heal myself and my family and my friends and the world around me.

I was blessed to be able to work on Justin Bieber's last album and I co-wrote the title track "Purpose" and after the song came out I got a email from a friend of a friend of a friend's twelve year old daughter and she said she just wanted to write and let you know that I get bullied in school mercilessly every single day, I'm paraphrasing of course, but she said the only thing that got her through the day was putting on "Purpose" on repeat. For me, I don't care how many records I may sell, at the end of the day, that right there is what's most important. Touching people on a individual level is what it is all about.

I want to reach the kid in Ohio who's not sure if he wants to continue living, but hears the music and it inspires something in him because that is my story. I was growing up playing rock clubs in New York and growing up in a really chaotic family and just dealing with all of this stuff and music was really my only refuge through all of it. I want people to know that we're trying to do something deeper here. We're trying to build a healer, because I think the world really needs to heal right now.

Even though "The Deep End" is a song about love at its core, it's also really a song about seizing the moment and is really the ethos of everything that I do.

Q: Music is the one universal language.

JE: I'll tell you one thing: you can play "Hey Jude" for a Israeli or a Palestinian and they're both going to say it's a really good song. I mean look at my heroes like Bob Dylan and Bob Marley and Eddie Vedder; those are guys who got up and united people through music. I mean Bob Marley united a nation! Regardless of your beliefs, I think we can all agree that the only way healing is going to happen is if we all come together and find a common ground.

Q: So looking forward, what comes next for you?

JE: Well, we've got a lot of stuff planned. It's a really exciting time because I have a really great team around me. I've got a couple more showcases lined up on the West Coast and then we have in 2020 we're going to hit things really hard. I'm trying to release a single every six to eight weeks moving forward. I'm going to hit a bunch of crazy festivals and we've got some great shows lined up already. The Jeremy Elliot train is coming and is bigger than me at this point!

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