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  • Tracy Heck

Chvrches light up the stage in Royal Oak

Synth-pop foursome, Chvrches, brought their Screen Violence Tour to the Royal Oak Music Theatre on Tuesday, November 23rd.

The Scottish band are out supporting their fourth album release of the same name and on Tuesday evening, they took the stage to a packed, lively crowd who were more than ready to give back the same amount of energy that was pouring off of the stage.

The band opened with "He Said She Said" and it was immediately clear that the fans were embracing the new music with open arms as they danced and sang along.

Chvrches went on to showcase more of the new music with guitar-heavy tracks like "California," "Violent Delights" and "Final Girl" blaring off of the stage highlighting the talents of Iain Cook and Martin Doherty.

Along the way, the band also performed a number of older tracks including "Miracle," "Forever," "Leave a Trace" and "Recover."

Mid-set, Chvrches also brought an aggressive take on "Science/Visions" that had the whole building pulsing with lights and sound.

The band has come a long way in their stage show over the years and the addition of drummer Jonny Scott has brought a new energy to the stage, however, on Tuesday after testing positive for COVID, Lo Moon's Sam Stewart had to step in for Scott and kept things rolling.

The drums shine bright on the current material, but also bring a new edge to the older tracks.

At the center of it all is frontwoman Lauren Mayberry, who really brings the whole thing together with her energy, banter and powerful voice.

Chvrches closed out their Royal Oak set with an encore of "Asking for a Friend," fan favorite "The Mother We Share" and "Clearest Blue."

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