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  • Tracy Heck

Blacklite District playing Diesel

Chart topping viral rocker Blacklite District will be hitting the stage in Chesterfield at the Diesel Concert Lounge tonight on the Spring Smash '23 with Fuel the Fire, Influence, The Creeping Chaos and Failing as Humans.

He is currently getting ready to release his latest project starting out with two revamped versions of his past hit singles "The Struggle XL" and "Cold As Ice XL."

The original versions of the two tracks saw chart topping and viral success featuring lyrics that explored the darkest depths of his own life and his battle with addiction and mental health issues.

Blacklite District decided to re-record the tracks with multi-platinum producer Brett Bestow to elevate the singles and to hopefully inspire others after receiving a letter from a fan about how the original. "The Struggle" track saved his life.

He hopes to provide a spark of hope and inspiration for listeners by drawing from his own personal experiences and how you can overcome them with the support of friends and family.

Blacklite District's new album will be out later this year.

His show at Diesel tonight is open for all ages and is $15 general admission. Doors open at 7 pm and the music starts at 8 pm.

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