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  • Tracy Heck

Bastille delight on stage at Masonic Temple

English electropop band Bastille brought their Give Me the Future Tour to Detroit on Friday night where they took the stage at the iconic Masonic Temple.

The tour is in support of their February album release of the same name, a concept album about a dystopian future and the interplay between humanity and technology.

The album and the show serve as a warning of just how close to that brink our world already is.

A large portion of the band's set focused on the newer music as their stage show was structured to transport the audience into that fearful future with the video screen showcasing various instances of the virtual reality of the "innerverse."

Bastille vocalist Dan Smith enhanced this by taking to a couch at various parts of the show to perform as a "new experience" loaded up on the screen and the fantastic stage lighting also added to the ambience.

Singer/songwriter Josh Fudge opened Friday's show with a solid set before Bastille hit the stage with a pair of tracks from Give Me the Future in "Stay Awake?" and "Distorted Light Beam."

The band then harkened back to their first album with the striking "Things We Lost in the Fire" and the haunting "Laura Palmer."

As the set moved on, Bastille played a number of new tracks alongside some audience favorites as Smith continuously interacted with the audience, joking about how depressing their music is and sharing his love for the Masonic Temple venue and how the band always take the tour when they come through.

Smith also took to the crowd during a enthusiastic performance of their collab with Marshmello, "Happier."

Other set highlights included "Good Grief," "No Bad Days" and a performance of their popular mashup "Of the Night," which pairs Corona's "Rhythm of the Night" with Snap!'s "Rhythm Is a Dancer."

Bastille wrapped things up with their most popular track "Pompeii," which had the venue rocking before returning for an encore of "Hope for the Future" and "Shut Off the Lights."

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