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As Strange As Angels release new lyric video, playing live stream

As Strange As Angels have released a lyric video for their new single, "The Curse", which will be dropping tomorrow and will be hitting radio in January alongside a official video directed by vocalist/guitarist Norman Matthew.

The band, which also features Michelle Graves on drums, will be holding a release party/live stream tonight at 8 pm CST/9 pm EST on their Youtube channel here. They will be performing three tracks.

"The Curse" release comes on the heels of two Billboard Top 40 singles in "Mirror Mirror" and "Miracle" and a Media Base Hot 100 Track in "Never Broken."

The track is a move in a harder direction for the band, "'The Curse'” kind of sounds like a spiritual thing, but it’s really more about whatever it is, that black cloud hanging over your life. It feels like we’re all cursed in one way or another, whether it’s financially or romantically or whatever is happening in the world. I think we all kind of feel it and are a million times more hypersensitive to that feeling right now. It’s that anvil that we all have on our chest in one way or another," explained Matthew.

He shared that they decided to try something a bit different with this one, "We are dropping the single, as well as a lyric video because there’s something about the lyrics to this one that just created a visual. Honestly, I think the lyrical work on these past few tracks has been the most emotional for me with “Mirror Mirror” and “Miracle” and “Never Broken,” and in that process, I was like, why have we not done a lyrical video? Usually, they are a stop-gap or a place holder, but for me, this time I thought I would really love people to really see what I’m saying lyrically."

When asked if he could share any info on the forthcoming official video, he teased, "Man, I don’t know that I could reveal too much on this because it is whacky! I never thought that I would get into videos. It just always seemed like such another extension of music and they go hand-in-hand so well and the process is very much the same as audio production and mixing and all of that recording and editing process, but having no experience with it, it just felt like too daunting of a task. However, again, being in quarantine and not being able to tour at the moment, I was like, you know what, let me see what I can do with this. I’ve studied under some great directors that have done some great videos, so I was like, let me try this. I didn’t realize just how much fun and cool it is. I got invested in the lighting and I was like, oh my god, Michelle, we have to start doing all these high-tech live streams! We’re doing this one coming up and I just really immersed myself in all the aspects of it."

He went on to share that, "It’s a really crazy video because my big thing with videos was always performance videos. I mean, how many times are we going to see a band performing a song in the video and I know that’s the way it goes the same way it goes when you have a movie and you have to have actors. But, it’s like if you have a horror movie and you know someone is around the corner, why do you keep running?"

"It’s all about finding different ways that you can do it and that’s what got me really excited about this video. Rather than having all of this performance footage, I was like, you know what, let’s shoot some crazy concept footage that matches the lyrics; just different types of visual things that really fit the lyrics. We involved a hand full of people doing off the wall stuff and it was like,hey, this looks really cool against this background so let’s try that. It was a total experimental thing and when it came together it was like, who knew I could pull this off! We’re still in the video performing, but just not nearly as much because it was a lot of fun to do the concept stuff and it made it interesting."

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