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  • Tracy Heck

As Strange As Angels drop new 'Reimagined' EP

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

As Strange As Angels, the Dallas-based passion project of Norman Matthew (Murder FM), has released the Reimagined EP, which can be heard here.

The EP was produced by Nick Page (The Darkness, Fuel) and features acoustic versions of the entire Mirror Mirror EP, the band's first release.

Mirror Mirror has seen quite a bit of success since it's release earlier in the year as two tracks reached the Billboard Top 40 Active Rock singles charts in "Mirror Mirror" and "Miracle."

The Reimagined release puts a new spin on those tracks and also features a striking cover of The Cure's "Pictures of You."

Back in 2016 Matthew stepped away from Murder FM to focus on raising his son after a rough divorce.

As he juggled fatherhood and running his music school, The Sound Foundation, he found himself turning back to music as he poured all of his feelings about the turmoil that was swirling around him into the songs he was writing.

The process was a long one, but at the end of it he found himself on the other side with his new As Strange As Angels project and the 4-track Mirror Mirror EP, which is a passionate reflection of Matthew's life and the path he followed to get where he is now.

Reimagined puts a new poignant spotlight on those tracks as Matthew's unique voice thrives in the acoustic setting, bringing a wide spectrum of emotions to the surface and to the ears of his listeners.

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