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After 6 years, Framing Hanley back with 'Envy'

After a long six-year break, Nashville rock band, Framing Hanley, are back with their fourth studio album, Envy.

The album is the result of three years of work and was released on Friday through Thermal Entertainment.

Envy features the three singles "Puzzle Pieces," "Baggage Claim" and "Throwing Knives." "Puzzle Pieces" has already surpassed 12 million streams on Spotify and counting.

With Envy, Framing Hanley has seamlessly slid right back into where they left off with twelve tracks that remain true to the band's early sound while offering a natural progression of their music that brings something fresh to the scene.

The album swirls together their original post hardcore sound with a vibrant mix of alternative rock, pop and a hint of groovy progressive rock.

Frontman, Kenneth Nixon, lets his vocal prowess shine as he pushes himself throughout, even stepping into a falsetto range at points.

Envy kicks of with "Say You Ever," which slowly builds up before sliding into the guitar-driven "Bubbles" that explodes with a massive chorus.

As the album rolls on, the guitar continues to drive tracks "Misery," "Joke's On Us" and the massive "Forgiveness Is An Art."

Buzz track, "Puzzle Pieces," is a weighty piece that takes on the world's ills from prescription drugs and depression to the media' influence and and daily horrors playing out on tv across the world everyday.

"Maeve" kicks up the rhythm before Nixon takes listeners into the light on "Carousel."

The harder sound returns on the intense "The Way Down" and "Throwing Knives" before closing things out with the passionate "Counterfeit" and standout track "Baggage Claim," which details where the band was at when they chose to take their break.

The highly-anticipated release should satisfy the band's long-time fans while picking up a whole new generation as they move forward.

Prior to taking a break in 2015, Framing Hanley had released three previous albums: 2007's The Moment, 2010's A Promise To Burn and 2014's The Sum Of Who We Are, all of which charted in the Billboard Top 200.

The band has sold over 200,000 albums, has had 1.5 million single downloads and have been streamed over 150 million times with their music videos having surpassed 40 million views.

Prior to their six-year break, Framing Hanley had toured coast-to-coast across North America, as well as having had several successful European and Australian tour runs.

Framing Hanley is Nixon on vocals, Ryan Becher on guitar, Jonathan Stove on bass, Shad Teems on drums and Nic Brooks on guitar.

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