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  • Tracy Heck

100 Watt Vipers back with 'Wired For Power'

Jacksonville band 100 Watt Vipers are back with a brand new lineup and a brand new album Wired For Power.

The band originally disbanded in 2018 after releasing five albums that attributed to an International base in the heavy rock blues genre.

The current lineup features Robert Zawisza on vocals, Danny P Harkin on drums and founding member Paul Joseph on guitar and bass.

Wired For Power was produced and engineered by Joseph and features seven tracks that continue the band's rock/blues mix, but also finds them approaching the tracks with a heavier feel than past releases.

Zawisza's gritty vocals combined with their powerful instrumentation pays homage to both classic and Southern rock and the raw blues reminiscent of bands like Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith and AC/DC.

Tracks like "Hell Hounds," " The Eagle Flys Free" and " Kings and Queens of the Streets" feel both familiar and fresh at the same time.

The album closes with the swampy "Sword Hits the Stone," which brings the album full circle.

Wired For Power could use a bit more diversity on the tempos of the tracks as they tend to blend in with one another at times, but overall the release moves the band forward in an expansive and positive way.

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