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Wildstreet bring the party

New York glam rock band Wildstreet are riding high with their new single, "Tennessee Cocaine."

The single was released on August 23 and is a heady mix of old-school sleaze metal and modern rock. The video for the single can be seen here.

Wildstreet vocalist/guitarist Eric Jayk recently spoke with Rock Life and shared his thoughts on the new release and what it was like filming the video for the track.

Q: Have you been happy with the response to the new single so far? Eric Jayk: It’s been awesome! Thanks to all of you who have checked it out!

Q: How did the "Tennessee Cocaine" track come together and can you talk a bit about filming the video? EJ: We were hanging and listening to AC/DC Live Wire and came up with the riffs. Lyrically, I had the idea a while..then it came together and it rocks! The video was a party: fire, girls, and broken bottles of Jack Daniels and Bacardi. 

Q: Have you been playing the track out on tour?  How have the shows been going so far and what is most important to you when you guys step out on stage? EJ: When I get onstage my mind shuts off and adrenaline/instinct takes over. 

Q: Are you excited about the upcoming show with L.A. Guns?  EJ: Hells yeah! We’ve played w/ Tracii’s band and Phil’s band, but not since they reunited. Le Poisson Rouge is one of my favorite venues in NYC. They are music minded and have supported and rocked out to Wildstreet.

Q: What else do you have coming up for the rest of the year and what's the biggest goal for next year? EJ: To bring back the rock worldwide!

Q: What do you think has been the biggest thing that you've done as a band to stand out from everyone else?  EJ: We stand out without trying honestly.  We’re Wildstreet!

Q: You are one of very few bands out there still bringing unapologetic rock to the masses.  Is that something that was important to you when you first formed the band? EJ: Yeah, exactly, and thank you! Too much seriousness in the world. We set out to make ourselves and the people who come see us happy and take them out of their day to day lives for a minute. Rock ’n’ Roll and rock concerts can do that like nothing else! 

Q: What is your favorite way to pass the time while out on tour? EJ: I’m in charge and I’m one of the only drivers. When I have a minute to myself, I’m either working out, doing yoga, or restringing my guitar. 

Q: What would be your dream lineup? EJ: Wildstreet, maybe with Prince though ha!

Q: Do you have any Halloween plans? EJ: Trick or treat!

Q: Finally, is there anything you'd like to add or say to the fans? EJ: Wildstreet fans have waited a long time for our new music! We NEED your support now more than ever! Show our music and music videos to your friends...share our songs/videos on your socials! We build this together and give you 110% every night. Wildstreet is READY TO ROCK! 

You can get the new single here on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal and Google Play Music.

Wildstreet began in 2006 and released their self-titled debut album on Retrospect Records in 2009.

The band spent four years touring non-stop performing at festivals like Rocklahoma, SXSW and M3 Rock Festival alongside bands like Black Veil Brides, Vains of Jenna and Twisted Sister.

On Sunday, November 10, Wildstreet will be rocking the stage at Le Poisson Rouge in New York opening up for L.A. Guns.

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