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  • Tracy Heck

Twiztid's Fright Fest honors wicked nostalgia

On Devil's Night, Detroit hip-hop/rock duo Twiztid once again brought their annual Fright Fest extravaganza to Saint Andrews Hall as a special Attack of the Ninjas show featuring a variety of bands from their Majik Ninja Entertainment label.

The duo has been out touring with Anybody Killa and Blaze Ya Dead Homie on the Certified Psychos tour playing a 2-hour set all together mixed with their old-school tracks as well as songs from their Psychopathic Rydas and Dark Lotus days.

Fright Fest included that 2-hour set, but also featured some Halloween-flavored tracks as Twiztid was joined by the R.O.C. for a House of Krayzees set.

Opening the show were Redd, Cody Manson, Lex the Hex Master, The R.O.C., Alla Xul Elu (A.X.E.) and Boondox.

The show kicked off at six with a full house and kept fans entertained as the acts hit the stage one after another before the main event.

As the curtain opened, the stage was revealed to hold a boarded-up replica of the house from A Nightmare On Elm Street.

The House of Krayzees Mr. Bones (Twiztid's Jamie Madrox,) Hektic (Twiztid's Monoxide) and The R.O.C. pulled out a few tracks, which amazingly are now about thirty years old.

Twiztid then took over the set before inviting out ABK and Blaze as they alternated between shared tracks, solo tracks and some music that ABK and Blaze released as Drive-By.

The set moved seamlessly as the crowd was treated to a electric trip down memory lane.

After a wardrobe change, the foursome returned to the stage as The Rydas performing such tracks as "Duk Da Fuk Down" before exiting for another change and returning for a closing Lotus set that ended with crowd favorite "Juggalo Family" as the chants rang out and signaled just how special the evening was.

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