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'Close Encounters' with Remember The Monsters

Tucson rock band Remember The Monsters are closing out the year with a bang as they promote their new single "Close Encounters."

The passionate track was produced by Matt Good (Asking Alexandria, Attila) and was written by Remember The Monsters lead guitarist Ashten Banks and vocalist Julian Comeau.

Formed in 2016, Remember The Monsters quickly gained attention with the release of single "The Pieces Remain," which gained them over 5 million streams on Spotify, iTunes and Youtube with tremendous fan support. Later, their single "Sink" also took off like a rocket.

Shortly after the releases, the band found themselves searching for a new frontman and through a mutual friend, they were introduced to The Colour You singer, Julian Comeau who ended up fitting right in alongside Banks, rhythm guitarist Dominic Ruiz, bass guitarist Sean Mott and drummer Jacob Johnson.

Now the band is back and ready to take on the world and Rock Life got a chance to talk to Banks and Mott recently as they battled a storm while headed out to Los Angeles.

"It's wet out here, very wet! We did not expect monsoon-style rain, that's for sure!" Banks explained. "It's crazy!"

Banks has been the primary song-writer for the band since the beginning and he says that the "Close Encounters" track was one that he had written way back before they began their search for a new vocalist.

"Things didn't end up working out with our original singer for a number of different reasons and that song ironically enough was the one that I used to try out other singers. Julian ended up sending us a little snippet, like a minute of him on that song and he absolutely killed it, as you can hear on the final version."

He went on to talk about what Comeau has brought to the band, "I would say the direction of the music itself is the biggest difference. I think Julian kind of brought a new spin on things and is allowing us to experiment with a newer sound. It was ultimately something that I wanted to do in the first place. The music was never where I really wanted it to go and I guess you can say that Julian has really refreshed my passion for music in general. His style of singing basically allows me to do whatever the hell I want!"

Both Banks and Mott say that the biggest goal moving forward is continuing to release new music with hopefully a full album release shortly and to get out on the road.

"I would say touring is probably our biggest goal. It's important to get out there and see ever-burgeoning fan base of people who want to see us live. I'd love to meet these people!" explained Banks.

"That and just getting out there and being entertaining. You want the people to be into it and to make that connection with them," added Mott.

When asked if he feels having that immediate feedback to the single releases has been important, Banks shared, "It's way easier now that you don't really need a recording label to get your music out there and you don't have to have a full album out there. People's attention spans are so fast now and sometimes it's like they hear a full album and then they're just on to the next artist, but with singles you can keep their attention for a lot longer and keep them waiting for more."

The band plans to get some new music out as soon as possible, but they've been delayed a bit as their producer Good has been working on Asking Alexandria's next record.

In the meantime, the band is just enjoying the ride, "In my personal opinion, I've never been in a better situation or circumstance. I love everyone that's in the band and there are no real issues or problems and they are like a second family to me. That's really important because it's super difficult to find," Banks explained. "Some people have talent, but maybe they're a shitty person and you end up in a band with these people and have to deal with that. So it's great that I have found the perfect balance of ultimately good people and great musicians."

Mott agreed, "I would say about the same thing. He took the words right out of my mouth!"

Banks said he got into music at a very young age, "I started when I was around four years old I'd say. My mom had this upright piano at the time and one day I just sat down and started playing a full composition that I just put together on the spot. At four years old that was insane! My mother and father are both musically inclined and after my mom saw that she started throwing every instrument she could at me. As a result, I found a personal love and passion for music myself so ultimately my catalyst for doing this was my mother. She actually had a record deal offer when she was pregnant with me, but she ultimately decided to be a mom and didn't take her music career to another level so now I've got to do it!"

Mott said that he also always had a passion for music, "I've been playing around with instruments since I was in high school. I just always loved music and getting a chance to actually create something has been really eye opening to me."

Banks added, "As I said before, this band is like a family to me and the fans attached to that are a part of our family as well."

When asked if there was anything they wanted to say to their fans, Mott stated, "I want them to know that they are a part of the music. Sometimes people can relate through the music and know that they're not alone. Sometimes it feels like you're sinking and then there are the happy times and you feel great and the music is there for all of it."

Banks wrapped things up with, "One of the things that our songwriting pushes the most is perseverance. Perseverance through all of the shitty things that life has to offer sometimes. We tend to write songs about real life experiences and we just hope that can reach others and they can appreciate the sentiments."

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