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  • Tracy Heck

Buckcherry rock Uncle Sam Jam

Buckcherry rocked a packed crowd in Woodhaven on Friday, July 7th when they took the stage at the Uncle Sam Jam.

Although the band wasn't thrilled that they had to cut a song to exit the stage in time for the city fireworks, they still managed to play all the hits alongside a mix of other tracks spanning their catalog as well as some newer tracks off of their latest release Vol. 10.

Mostly known for their biggest hit "Crazy Bitch," the unapologetic rock n' rollers have a massively deep catalog that ranges from eighties sleaze rock to tracks tinged with a hint of metal alongside powerful rock ballads.

Friday's hour set continued to showcase Buckcherry's ability to mesh together all their influences into one massive party that takes their audience along for the ride.

Buckcherry vocalist Josh Todd's confidence and connection with the crowd is enhanced by the rest of the band's tight sound highlighted by lead guitarist Stevie D's intense licks.

Their Uncle Sam Jam set included hits like "Lit Up" and "Sorry" that were complemented by new tracks like "Good Time" and "Pain."

The band also played their fiery cover of the Bryan Adams' hit "Summer of '69," which they were filming a live video for.

They wrapped things up with an extended version of "Crazy Bitch" that was interspersed with excerpts of "Jungle Boogie," "Bad Girls" and "Proud Mary."

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