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Aqua bring electrifying show to Detroit

Aqua at the Fillmore Detroit 12-10-23

C:Katie Crockett

Aqua, the Danish-Norwegian Europop sensation, have finally made their way to American soil for the first time in their over two decades career.

On Sunday, the band hit the stage in Detroit at The Fillmore and they blew the roof off with a stacked set list of hits spanning all of those years, including the infectious "Barbie Girl," "My Oh My," "Lollipop," and "Back to the 80's."

Australian born singer/songwriter Vassy set a early energetic vibe for the evening with her upbeat dance tunes before Aqua exploded on the stage to the delight of the buzzing crowd, who had been waiting years to see them.

The band, which features vocalists Rene Dif and Lene Nystrom and keyboardist Siren Rasted, were also clearly thrilled to be there and spoke throughout the evening about how as much as their American fans had been wanting to see them that they'd been wanting to make it happen just as much.

The chemistry between Dif and Nystrom positively sizzled from the stage as the pair danced, laughed, chest bumped and even kissed throughout the set.

Aqua opened their set with "Cartoon Heroes" as the large video screen behind them played highlights from the song's video and the band wrapped up their set with the energetic "Doctor Jones."

They then returned for an encore of "Aquarius" and "Roses Are Red" sporting custom Detroit Red Wings jerseys.

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